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pioneering website design

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pioneering website design

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Flat World Technology develops extraordinary websites, logos, and online branding strategies for hugely
successful results. Our clients receive expert design solutions to transmit the nature, philosophy and value of their
businesses or services to their potential customers around the world.


Easy Medicare Choices

How to you turn complex healthcare and life style decisions into a simple and intuitive experience that leaves the user with confidence and a path forward regarding important personal health planning? FW engineers and technologists created a powerful, distinct Internet resource that provides baby boomers with critical and easy-to-use tools to understand and acquire Medicare supplemental insurance.


The point of our site is to make a complex decision as simple as possible and to create an inviting user experience in an area that is typically very frustrating. You would never realize the complexity of our website when you land on it. FW has partnered with us all the way in creating something very special. FW built and powers our Internet presence to create a smooth user experience across platforms—and that works beautifully with the latest multi-channel marketing solutions.

SSG Search

There’s more to this picture than you think. That’s the message in FW’s marketing solution and web design for this executive search firm’s competitive new website. FW’s challenge: How do you make this website stand out in a crowded field? FW solves it with a single image and a simple message, on a rotating set of three homepages, allowing the full power of the firm to reside behind its multiple home page messaging.


When we needed to refresh our brand, FW suggested using rotating front pages to project our unique proposal and avoid cluttering the look and feel. It has worked extremely well for us. They rebuilt our site from the ground up and indexed our entire business.

Cosmopolitan Capital Funding

In the high-energy and intense world of commercial finance, FW created a distinctive and branded Internet space for Cosmopolitan Capital Funding, LLC. Combining recently merged organizations into a powerful and focused entity, FW helped this banking client cut through the noisy, crowded financial market Internet segment with a new brand and compelling company image.


We came to FW because their great web design concepts are backed with powerful technology and high performance. Our goal was to create a new company brand for our newly positioned platform. After explaining our vision FW developed several excellent options and presented their recommendations for the best solution. The result was truly a collaborative effort. They did a great job. The new site demonstrates our long-standing experience and integrity in the financial services industry.

Health Populi

Jane Sarasohn-Kahn is one of America’s most influential healthcare economists. In addition to writing healthcare columns and national media, her own blog has many thousands of followers. FW built an Internet strategy with a powerful Word Press site at its core, that delivers Jane’s powerful posts, tweets and commentary to followers and outlets efficiently, with thoughtful user experience and SEO that enhances her contact with her ample audience.


I tasked FW to bring together two already-successful operations, my blog site at Health Populi and my business website. FW rebuilt both sites to feed and support each other. The sites are synchronized to carry fresh information and pull in new visitors on a daily basis. My business is more robust than ever, as my Internet presence and personal brand continue to grow as a result of FW’s special alchemy.


FW provides its customers Vertical IT. They help clients enhance their own customer experiences by providing the expertise to navigate the full spectrum of technology challenges and opportunities. FW are engineers, coders, Internet multi-channel marketers, artists, writers and communicators. They focus on real-time insights into clients’ businesses, creating solutions that cross visual, technical, Internet, language and branding resources. Whether it’s building and hosting an exclusive Internet solution, creating and producing cross channel marketing campaigns, graphic design supporting all media, or compelling Boards and C level executives to new opportunities and discoveries for their industry, FW integrates a continuous flow of distinct talents and specialization.


Compete with authority using FW's search engine optimization (SEO) techniques. FW's methods drive maximum traffic to your website. They create buzz. They generate social media interest in your business and hold the attention of your site visitors. FW's SEO capabilities stem from decades of responsive development and proven results. We create exclusive strategies and customized marketing tactics which deploy aggressive optimization tools.

Many of our clients come to us with stagnant Internet marketing plans due to budget constraints or limited time and experience. With our help, they quickly attract new visitors and customers and soon dominate their competition on the Internet. FW methods range from changing and optimizing the physical code of your site to conducting web-blast campaigns and building instant back links for your site.


Flat World Technology develops extraordinary websites, with creative logo and visual solutions that communicate the nature, philosophy and value of your business or service to potential customers. Our organic approach to design is a natural extension of your company’s culture and speaks to the type of sales growth you will come to expect from our services.

Whether up-grading or re-branding an existing site or starting from scratch with a new project FWT will guide you through the process and evolve a solution focused on your needs and the expectations of your market. In addition to digital media FW also work with traditional media, advertising and print projects.

<strong>Flat World</strong> Technology

Let Flat World Technology make a world of difference for your website.

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